A Louis C.K. Protester Was Reportedly Punched In The Face By One Of The Comic’s Fans At A Show In San Jose

01.17.19 7 months ago 31 Comments

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The Louis C.K. redemption tour hasn’t gone as smoothly as the embattled comedian would have hoped. His film I Love You, Daddy, may never see the light of day, and rehabilitating his image through stand up has brought out protesters and those skeptical that he has made amends for his years of sexual misconduct.

And then there’s the swing to the alt-right real of comedy as of late, where he made fun of the Parkland High School shooting survivors and people who choose to identify with nonbinary personal pronouns. Still, it’s through stand up appearances that C.K. intends to normalize his presence in the entertainment industry after a much-deserved exile.

His insistence to continue a public-facing career, however, has been met with continued criticism and outright protests, including from people who attend his shows. That was the case again this week, and it actually led to violence at a club in San Jose.

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