Live Your Life According To The Wisdom Of Louise Belcher

Features Writer

Despite being a (diabolical) child, Louise Belcher has life figured out. Clearly the mastermind of Bob’s Burgers, Louise has her own code of honor, which usually begins with self-edification, but winds it back to loyalty to her family, despite their innate knack to exasperate her. Her weird sisterly bond with Tina, in particular, shines, although she and Bob have had some great father-daughter moments over the course of the series. However, through it all, Louise is an agent of chaos with a conscience, even if it is hidden under ten layers of plotting.

At the end of the day, we can all learn a lot from Louise’s personal code. With these rules of etiquette, you’re sure to win friends and influence people (into being your minions).

Always Be Direct With People: “Oh, I swear to God, if you keep talking, I’m going to gut punch you.”

No one likes someone who beats around the bush. Sure, you could keep them guessing, but being open with what you want will probably get you better results. In the workplace, when you’re picking out the bar for Friday night, or coordinating the group Halloween costume, telling it like it is will save you a world of frustration.

Always Tell People How They Make You Feel: “You guys are a burden! You’re dead weight!”

Feelings can be gross, but there is no getting around them. Playing coy will always bite you in the ass, so channel your inner Louise and always let people know where you stand. You might step on some toes, but those are people you want to deal with anyway.

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