There Was An Honest-To-God Real Life Heist On The Set Of Netflix’s Heist Show ‘Lupin’

Who heists the heistmen? A bunch of thieves in Paris, apparently.

The set of Lupin, Netflix’s mega-popular heist show, was victim to a real-life heist last month. “Part 3 of Lupin was shooting when approximately 20 people who had their faces covered broke onto the set after throwing mortar fireworks,” Variety reports. “An estimated €300,000 ($333,000) worth of equipment was stolen, per the report.” A representative for Netflix confirmed the life-imitating-art news, saying, “There was an incident on Feb. 25 while filming the upcoming season of Lupin.” No one was injured.

This was, incredibly, the second robbery of a Netflix show in February.

Thieves have stolen over $200,000 worth of props from the set of Netflix series The Crown while the production was shooting nearby. Over 350 items were taken during the heist, including a replica Fabergé egg, a grandfather clock clockface, a dressing table, crystal glassware, and silver and gold candelabras. South Yorkshire police are investigating the theft, which occurred when three vehicles were broken into in a lorry park in Mexborough in Yorkshire while a unit were shooting nearby.

Could the heists be related? Are the same group of thieves targeting only Netflix shows? This not only sounds like the plot of a future Netflix show, it could also explain why Stranger Things season four took so long to make. Someone — or someones — stole Will’s bowlcut. If only they took Anna Delvey’s accent, am I right?

(Via Variety)