‘Lupin,’ Netflix’s Wildly Popular French Heist Show, Will Return Sooner Than Anyone Could Have Reasonably Expected

If you haven’t caught Lupin yet, the fancy French heist show that’s taken up residence in the “Popular On Netflix” list lately, it’s time to catch up because it won’t be long before Lupin mania (and all of its glorious coat-and-suit porn) strikes again. That might seem like a hyperbolic urging, but really, the show’s that brazenly fun in a National Treasure-meets-Oceans Eleven sort of way, and we could all stand to stop thinking about real life be entertained by thievery of a priceless diamond necklace from the Lourve, especially since this all somehow revolves around vengeance, and heck, let’s just roll with it.

Netflix will continue to roll with Lupin, which also happens to be the streaming service’s first French-language original series and the first French series to reach Top 10 status. The show’s a smash hit and a surprise global phenomenon, so it makes sense that Netflix would greenlight more of Omar Sy’s heisting skills because the fans demand it. And don’t let the pandemic delays worry you on that front because, somehow, Netflix is quick-heisting another dose by Summer 2021.


That would be a fast turnaround under normal circumstances, let alone during our current global situation. It’s probably a safe bet to guess that this followup season was already in the works before the pandemic took root, but there’s no confirmation on that front. Maybe Netflix is pulling off a very successful production bubble as we speak? That’s entirely possible, since Part 2 will contain a mere five episodes, just like Part 1.