Things Go Horribly Wrong When This Magician Tries The Russian Roulette Trick On Live TV

This trick can be called numerous different things. Smash and stab, Russian roulette, and just plain stupid if you don’t know what you’re doing. Take this segment from Poland’s Pytanie na śniadanie or “Question for Breakfast” as Google Translate wants to say. In it, we see our fearless magician lead our two hosts through the trick with his three brown bags and one that features a nail within — or they all do, I’m not entirely sure of his motivations here.

His bald hair and ponytail combination should denote that he knows what he is doing, but once he takes host Marzena Rogalska’s hand and puts it through the bag, we realize this is not the case.

Jul-02-2016 12-24-21

The video surfaced on Reddit earlier this morning and has already been hit with a follow up featuring all three, uploaded along with a note from Rogalska that reads as follows:

Thank you for your support. I’m alive. Everything will be fine.

You can check out that video below and see how her hand needs to be wrapped after the fouled up trick sent a nail through her hand. She’s still next to our bald magician friend, so all must be well between them. Her wails did not seem to scare him into the hills in shame.

(Via Reddit / YouTube)