The Lawyers From Netflix’s ‘Making A Murderer’ Are Getting Ravaged By The Internet

WARNING: Will contain spoilers for the Netflix series Making A Murderer, so watch the series before checking this out.

It would seem that Netflix managed to present another must-watch series in the form of the true crime docuseries Making A Murderer. All weekend, it was a trending topic on Twitter and many who took on the series were “forced” to binge and put their Google patience to the test.

It has also sparked quite the response at the handling of the case as it is showcased in the documentary, making life difficult for those on the many legal teams featured in the documentary.

One is Wisconsin lawyer Ken Kratz, who was the DA who presided over the case and reportedly did whatever it took to get a conviction — not strange for a prosecutor. Kratz lost his position as DA following a “sexting” scandal, but he’s currently a defense attorney in Wisconsin — something the Internet noticed.

Folks have tracked down the Kratz Law Firm Yelp page and proceeded to leave a wave of negative reviews. BuzzFeed first reported on it and Vulture compiled a few special reviews for easier reading:

“I hope Ken Kratz gets slapped in the face by the cold hand of reality in the form of an incurable deadly virus.”

“Ken Kratz is an incredible prosecutor! When I wanted to get my husband out of the picture I got the local sheriff’s department to ‘discover’ *wink wink* a murder on our property. My husband was zeroed in on in a jiffy! Attorney Kratz was able to put him away for life by skirting the defenses questions and skewing the concept of reasonable doubt. I’ve got the entire house to myself now! Thanks Ken Kratz!”

“Ken Kratz is a vile waste of an egg and sperm whom decent people should not have to share a planet with. This barely human parasite’s father should have j*zzed into a sock instead.”

You can check out the page for yourself, which is currently being cleaned up by Yelp due to the increased attention. Kratz’s Twitter was also tracked down, forcing him to delete his account, and the Facebook page for his law firm is another minefield of angry viewers.

The other major target of folks who have seen the documentary is lawyer and public defender for Brendan Dassey, Len Kachinsky. The documentary certainly does not paint Kachinsky in a positive light, but the response online has taken it a step further by making some interesting comparisons:

But most just look to paint him as incompetent in the eyes of the law and a true villain in the series:

The most interesting result from Making A Murderer has been the vanishing act pulled by Kachinsky’s law firm online. According to Inquisitr, both the Facebook page and main web site have either been removed or edited to remove reference to Kachinsky. The Google cache has popped up a few times, particularly on Twitter and Reddit, and you can see Kachinsky’s bio was included before the documentary hit Netflix:

And finally, in the opposite end of the spectrum stands Steven Avery’s defense lawyer. Dean Strang spoke with The Cap Times in Madison, Wisconsin on his reaction to the documentary and the chances of the case being re-examined in the same manner that Serial aided in the case of Adnan Syed:

I think the realistic chances for Steven are slim but not vanished or nonexistent and I think they lie under the heading of new evidence, which would either be someone coming forward, someone admitting something, someone revealing a secret they’ve been carrying that would point in another direction or an advance in scientific testing so that the blood and the EDTA (discovered in Halbach’s car) can be revisited.

Strang also goes into detail about how the film showcases the process for an attorney during a trial and how he and fellow Avery defense attorney Jerome Buting still keep in contact with their client on a “pro-bono” basis. Very interesting interview and a nice look at how the tables have turned since the actual time of the trial. Public opinion is easily swayed at times.

(Via Vulture / The Cap Times / Inquisitr)