Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Makes His Opinion Of ‘Making A Murderer’ Subject Steven Avery Known

01.12.16 2 years ago 6 Comments


Thousands of people have signed petitions asking President Obama to pardon Steven Avery for his conviction in the murder of Teresa Halbach, the subject of the Netflix documentary Making a Murderer. While President Obama has no jurisdiction over the matter, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker does. However, it appears that he is not sympathetic to the pleas of Avery.

In spite of strong evidence suggesting corruption in the trial against Steven Avery for the murder of Teresa Halbach, the Wisconsin Governor and former candidate for the Republican nomination for President has not been persuaded. In fact, Avery’s new legal team will face an uphill battle if they seek to have Avery pardoned by the Governor, as tough-on-crime Scott Walker has never issued a pardon during his five-year tenure.

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