An Arizona Man Saved A Woman’s Life Using CPR Tactics He Learned From ‘The Office’

01.26.19 6 months ago


Television, they say rots your brain, but perhaps that’s untrue. Maybe you learn something while binge-watching for hours upon hours, even if you don’t realize it. To wit: An Arizona man saved the life of a woman by drawing on CPR techniques he learned by watching an episode of the permanently popular program The Office.

Rolling Stone picked up a story from the Arizona Daily Star about a man named Cross Scott, who happened upon a woman slumped over in her car, her lips blue, clearly in need of resuscitation. Scott was not the man for the job…or so he thought.

“I had no idea what I was doing,” Scott told reporters. And yet he managed to spring into action when necessary. Not only did he resourcefully put a big rock underneath one of the tires when he realized the car was still moving, he also knew to smash the window to check the woman’s pulse. She had none.

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