The ‘Mandalorian’ Spin-off ‘Rangers Of The New Republic’ Is No Longer Being Developed

Earlier this year, Gina Carano was finally axed from the Star Wars-verse following pushback against controversial statements she made over social media. It threw an already beleaguered franchise into further jeopardy. For one thing, it was assumed her character, the otherwise very popular Cara Dune, would be getting her own spin-off — perhaps Rangers of the New Republic, the Mandalorian spin-off that was announced back in December. But now that show has been given the boot as well.

Variety recently profiled Mandalorian executive producer Dave Filoni, but buried in the article — in a bit highlighted by /Film — was this: Rangers of the New Republic was now “not currently in active development.” Does that mean it will never see the light of day? Not necessarily. But it does mean that it is no longer one of the many, many Star Wars shows being made to fill Disney+ coffers.

When the show was announced, it was really just a title. No details were given. But many speculated that it was a vehicle for Carano’s Cara Dune, and perhaps Carl Weathers Greef Karga. There was even a part in Season 2 in which Dune was recruited to become a “ranger.” But then Dune was fired and now the show was given the can, too. But perhaps we’ll all be okay: Again, there’s already too many Star Wars shows en route as it is.

(Via Variety and /Film)