‘Manifest’ Fans, Celebrate: A Set Photo Reveals That Season 4 Is Underway

The Lucifer method worked. A few months ago, Manifest fans made enough of a fuss over NBC’s cancellation (of the wildly popular, though not objectively good, series) and that Netflix read the room (and their own charts) and decided to pony up for a fourth and final season. Now, everyone will find out what really went down with Flight 828. Maybe? Fingers crossed.

Mostly, I’d like to see a resolution to all the drama that still overfloweth after five years of humanity continued while the passengers blipped away and didn’t even realize as much. A culty church and broken relationship fallout filled three seasons out, and one of the more disgruntled dudes on the show landed on my sh*t list. That’d be Detective Jared Vasquez, whose motives were not always fantastic when it came to Mick, but the guy who plays him, J.D. Ramirez, seems like an overall nicer guy. To that end, he alerted fans that Season 4 is shooting, and he has the Instagram post to (sort-of) prove it.

“I’ve been working in this business for almost two decades now,” Ramirez wrote. “And I know to land a team of Cast n Crew that is as Collaborative, Dedicated and in my opinion (Most Importantly) ‘Ego Checked’ as these Beautifully Talented Humans are… well it RARELY happens.” He then added that the cast and crew are all feeling appreciative, and “he reality is ALL of This Magic is happening because of YOU guys! You guys made this happen!”

Yep, thanks to the fans (including one Stephen King), there’s another batch of 20 episodes on the way. Collider reports that each episode will have up to a $5 million budget, which is wild for a “cancelled” show. Talk about a detour that worked out well.