Will ‘Manifest’ Fans See A Series Conclusion, After All? Creator Jeff Rake Is Still Trying To Make It Happen

Manifest fans appear to be hell-bent upon saving the series, even though Netflix said nope to resurrecting the show for after NBC cancelled it following three messy seasons. For sure, this is a strange situation: it’s not every day that a network axes a show while it’s sitting at #1 on Netflix’s most-popular list, and it’s really saying a lot that Netflix resurrects cancelled shows with some frequency (including the very popular Lucifer) but didn’t want to take a stab with this one. Granted, the show’s not objectively good, but it’s wildly popular, even though there’s so much head-scratching to be had.

On one hand, I do feel for the Manifest fans. I’m still very upset about not learning more about the recent Santa Clarita Diet cliffhanger (before Netflix cancelled the zombie-comedy show) and what happened during a Melrose Place spinoff when someone got killed at a wedding altar back in the late 1990s. Being a TV fan isn’t always easy, but it’s worth the occasional pain, which is the feeling that Manifest creator Jeff Rake — who’s envisioned and planned the series for a six-season run — is having while urging viewers to keep the faith because… he’s still plugging away at a solution?

“Manifesters!” Rake wrote on Twitter. “Your support is awe-inspiring. We’re trying to find a way to conclude the series. Could take a week, a month, a year. But we’re not giving up. You deserve an end to the story. Keep the conversation alive. If it works out, it’s because of YOU.. 


So… can anything be done? Short of another streaming service picking up the show, it’s difficult to envision what Rake wants to happen. That is, unless someone wants to privately fund another round of confusion, since the series, which revolves around a flight that disappears off the radar (and is presumed lost) before touching back down on Earth’s surface five years later, perplexes people. Maybe, just maybe, a script could be pulled together for a “finale,” followed by a table read. That’s not a glamorous prospect or the one that anyone necessarily wants to settle for, but it would be a nice gesture to the fans who’s supported the show all along.

#GiveManifestATableReadFinale has a decent ring to it, right?