Marc Maron Has Jokes For The End Of The World In The Trailer For His New Netflix Special

Some comics prefer to avoid matters pertaining to this whole “everything is on fire, waking up from the sounds of our own screams” thing that we’ve got going on planetarily right now. Instead, they choose to focus on still-relateable minutia and distract-y things. Nothing wrong with that. I like distract-y thing — slinkies, those wooden paddle games with the ball and a string. Also like to laugh through the pain, though, and that’s what Marc Maron is here to deliver in his new Netflix comedy special, appropriately titled End Times Fun.

In the trailer for the special, Maron’s mind is pointed at our feeble efforts to save the planet before a message flashes on the screen about us all needing to “witness the prophecy of our downfall.” The press notes for the special also indicate that Maron will discuss efforts to try and “stay woke” and why taking Turmeric is vital. No word on if the two are linked.

The special drops on March 10 and continues Maron’s relationship with Netflix that includes two previous comedy specials (2013’s Thinky Pain and 2017’s Too Real). Maron has also made multiple appearances on Netflix’s Easy and, of course, he’s one of the leads on Glow, which is heading into its final season for the streamer.

Up next is another Netflix collab wherein he’ll appear opposite Mark Wahlberg and Winston Duke in Spenser Confidential. Besides that, Maron’s podcast, WTF, is still rolling, he had a supporting role in the acclaimed Joker film, and he’s credited with appearances in two films around music icons, Stardust (about Bowie) and Respect (about Aretha Franklin, where he plays iconic journalist and producer Jerry Wexler). Add all that up and you can see why the dude is so pissed off about the end of the world: he’s got a lot of cool sh*t coming out.