‘Leftovers’ Star Margaret Qualley’s Bonkers Dance Moves Will Make Christopher Walken Jealous

Look, I get it, The Leftovers wasn’t very good in season one. It was too melodramatic, and miserable, and, hey, remember when Carrie Coon hired a prostitute to shoot her so she could feel something again? I do. I wish I didn’t, but I do. Take it from a hater, though: Season two was amazing. The Leftovers was easily one of the best shows on TV, and “International Assassin” was a top-five episode, of 2015. If you start watching now, you’ll have time to emotionally recover before the third and final season premieres on HBO next year.

Still not convinced? Maybe this will help: director Spike Jonze made a commercial for French fragrance Kenzo World featuring Leftovers star Margaret Qualley dancing like a lunatic. It’s bonkers. Actually, that’s not a strong enough word: it’s Walken-esque. If you’ll recall, Jonze, the visual genius behind Being John Malkovich and Adaptation, was behind the camera for Fatboy Slim’s “Weapon of Choice” music video. It’s the one where notorious weirdo Christopher Walken flies around a hotel. Jonze got Qualley to channel Walken, except, like Ginger Rogers before her, she did it in heels.

I really hope that’s incorporated into the plot of Leftovers season three.

(Via Vulture)