Watch Rachel Dratch Try To Escape The Omnipresence Of Margot Robbie On ‘Billy On The Street’

With the news that Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn will return for Gotham City Sirens came confirmation of a thing we mostly knew, accepted, and welcomed — Margot Robbie ubiquitousness shall not pass. Not for a long while, at least. And in observance of that, Billy Eichner sent Rachel Dratch through a cleverly devised obstacle course/thorn-covered pop culture reference cornucopia/moving tribute to Legends Of The Hidden Temple and Double Dare. It’s special. Watch it with your face.

Every episode of TruTV’s Billy On The Street feels adorably underfunded as the show’s shouty host confronts real folks who can’t be bothered or won’t be entertained. Sometimes there are celebrities and low denomination cash prizes. Every so often, though, Eichner really goes to town draining Tru TV’s resources.

Last year, he teamed with Dratch to escape Scientology as King of Queens star and Malibu Sands beach resort spoiled-teen Leah Remini. (For the purposes of ending this article with a call back to something in the video, let’s say that… ) I always wondered how Remini felt about that and I’d really love to know how Robbie feels about this segment. Perhaps someone will ask her about it on one of her 90 upcoming talk show appearances instead of just playing beer pong and talking about what it was like to star in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Which did happen.

Billy On The Street will air a new episode on Tuesday at 10:30 on TruTV.