Mark Hamill Celebrated The ‘Triumph’ Of ‘The Mandalorian’ Keeping Its Biggest Secret Safe For More Than A Year

If you haven’t watched the Season 2 finale of The Mandalorian at this point in the weekend, it’s probably been extremely tough to avoid spoilers about a certain someone popping up to save the day in Disney+ show. You should probably close this tab and not read any further if you’d like to keep that improbable streak alive until you’ve finished Season 2.

Anyway (spoilers incoming) the arrival of Luke Skywalker to the Disney+ universe in the final episode of The Mandalorian caused a lot of consequences for the show and reaction among fans. But one reaction that was missing was from, well, Hamill himself (sorry). The Luke Skywalker actor was obviously aided by plenty of CGI to help play his younger self, but he was clearly involved with the filming of some of the final scenes of the season.

Hamill initially kept very quiet about his own appearance in “The Rescue,” but he did hint heavily that there was something interesting streaming on Friday with a subtle tweet.

On Saturday, however, he addressed the green lightsaber-toting elephant in the airlock and calling it a “real triumph” that everyone involved had kept the secret that a Skywalker would show up on The Mandalorian for more than a year.

It’s a feat the show had replicated before, as the reveal of Baby Yoda as a character on the show was something that no one seemed to know was coming when the show premiered in 2019. That character’s name, Grogu, was a reveal that had been largely kept quiet in 2020 as well, and in a spoiler-heavy age where it’s hard to keep anything in production from leaking, it certainly is a feat to be proud of for Hamill and those involved with making The Mandalorian.