A Spot-On John Mulaney Impression Highlighted ‘SNL At Home’s Latest Masterclass Sketch

The first SNL At Home episode featured a Masterclass segment that allowed Chloe Fineman to expand her on-air impression catalog to include Jojo Siwa and Carole Baskin. She was back with more gems in the final SNL At Home of the season, but it was Melissa Villaseñor who stole the show with an impressive impression of John Mulaney.

Fineman said earlier in the week that she had a garage full of wigs to help her make content for SNL At Home, and she’s used it to break out some wacky characters along the way. It turns out she has a wig for Phoebe Waller-Bridge, too, doffing a British accent to explain journaling for the masses.

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“I keep all sorts of journals — one for violent female rage, and this one is full of my naughty little secrets,” Fineman’s Waller-Bridge said, a clear implication of work-life balance with two shows involving very different topics like Killing Eve and Fleabag.

Villaseñor was next up, this time as John Mulaney teaching you how to wear a suit. She was thrilled to be included in the episode dressed as another comedian.

It’s really something to be seen more than described, but the mannerisms here are pretty spectacular. Villaseñor no doubt had time to take note of the real Mulaney when he hosted SNL twice during season 45, so good on her for making the most of that face time and turning it into an impressive bit.

The third Masterclass coach was once again Fineman, this time as Britney Spears making the most of her quarantine. It seems unlikely they will do another Masterclass sketch outside of quarantine, but it certainly has been a way to get some strong impressions into the SNL mix lately.