The Store Behind That Offensive 9/11 Mattress Ad Has Been Closed Indefinitely

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09.10.16 23 Comments

Consider this a “teachable moment.” People really don’t like it when a company turns 9/11 into an excuse for a “Twin Tower sale.” Y’know, because doing such a thing is in ridiculously poor taste even in the madcap world of mattress advertising.

Miracle Mattress, the San Antonio shop showcased in the bizarre commercial, has faced national backlash over the spot, because TWIN TOWER SALE! If you haven’t caught the ad, it’s a brief bit of promo where store branch manager Cherise Bonanno asks viewers: “What better way to remember 9/11 than with a Twin Tower sale?” Do two dudes clumsily fall into a pair of mattress “towers” followed by a solemn Bonanno stating “we’ll never forget?” You bet your boots, it did! It’s an ad so surreal we can’t conclusively determine if viral shenanigans are afoot.

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