Matt Amodio Broke One Of James Holzhauer’s ‘Jeopardy!’ Records And The Two Are Now Playfully Beefing On Twitter

Matt Amodio’s Jeopardy! star continues to rise as he cruises through a new season of the syndicated game show. Friday’s episode saw the Ph. D student from New England cruise to his 33rd win, which surpassed James Holzhauer’s win total during regulation play.

That’s a big deal for a number of reasons, as Holzhauer was the current gold standard for outstanding Jeopardy! player. Consider that the sports bettor from Las Vegas was so good at the show and caused such a stir they literally invented a new tournament for him to play in, the Greatest Of All Time showdown that Ken Jennings won last year.

As Jeopardy! has pointed out with a video game-themed video, Holzhauer still holds several records that will ultimately be extremely hard to beat: the most money won per game and the highest percentage of answers correct during regular play and on Final Jeopardy. There’s clearly mutual respect between the two competitors, but they’ve also had a lot of fun ribbing each other on Twitter to get fans talking.

The latest round came amid Amodio’s surpassing Holzhauer in games won, as the latter used some gambling terms to essentially call Amodio very lucky, rather than good.

That came just after Amodio actually poked fun at Holzhauer’s performance in the GOAT Tournament, responding to a tweet about potentially doing a weekend edition of Jeopardy! where people who got steamrolled by Holzhauer, Jennings, and now Amodio could potentially have a second chance.

Amodio did say something very nice about Holzhauer and his level as a player amid all the trash-talking, so it’s clear that both sides are just having some fun.

But it certainly has been a blast to see Amodio chirping back at Holzhauer a bit, and maybe imagining a new GOAT tournament where Amodio gets a shot at showing how he stacks up against some very lofty competition.