Matt Walsh Talks About Technically Dropping The First F-Bomb Of Season Six On ‘Veep’

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Standouts like Julia Louis-Dreyfus (who’s won five Emmy Awards in a row for playing Selina Meyer) and Timothy Simons (whose Jonah Ryan deserves all the hate) typically attract the most attention on Veep. Yet the hugely popular critical darling of HBO’s Sunday night slate features an impressively large and talented ensemble cast that includes Matt Walsh, the man behind the work-obsessed Mike McLintock — Selina’s former Director of Communications and White House Press Secretary.

At the end of season five, which is now available for purchase on Blu-ray and DVD, Mike finally got his chance to escape the Washington DC hustle and spend time at home with his family. He took it willingly, but as everyone who watched last Sunday’s premiere knows, he’s back for another season of abuse. We asked Walsh about his befuddled character’s motivations going into season six’s altered landscape, but not before informing the Upright Citizens Brigade co-founder about a recent achievement.

HBO has been putting out new “Ah” videos unique to each show. For Veep‘s, you were the first person to drop an F-bomb.

I hadn’t noticed that I was the first to drop. So, I dropped the first F-bomb of the season, did I?


That’s like smashing a bottle of champagne on a new ship. I love it.

Selina’s staff had been wanting to fire Mike for months by the end of season five. By the time Laura Montez replaced her and booted everyone out of the White House, however, Mike was content to stay at home with the kids. What changed?

I think it’s similar to retirement, in that people have an idea — or an ideal — of what it’s going to be like. They’ll finally get out of all the abuse and stress, go home, and stay there. But then they discover it’s not what they thought it was. With Mike, I’m assuming there’s some lack of meaning or purpose in his retreat. He loves being a dad, but he also has a lot to offer Selina and her team, and he wants to be stimulated creatively. He likes the hustle of it all. He’s a writer, so he likes to be writing. He came out of a journalism world, so I think he was probably getting a little bored. There’s also the matter of money. Mike, again, has no money. And now he has three kids with Wendy Keegan (Kathy Najimy), so he needs to help generate some money. It’s a practical necessity, as well.

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