A Fan-Favorite ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Star Has Confirmed His Impending Appearance On ‘Mayans M.C.’

Mayans M.C. has done well to build its own brand of mayhem before really reeling in some former Sons Of Anarchy members for action. Not that the show hasn’t delivered several nods to the Kurt Sutter flagship series. Quite the contrary, for both Chucky and Potter delivered their vaguely unsettling presences early in the game before Potter got truly nasty again. Then Happy turned out to be the killer of EZ and Angel’s mother, and Chibs finally showed up in Season 3 to curse out everyone like a boss (which he is).

Who next? J.D. Pardo once told us (jokingly) that he’d love to see Jax somehow make a cameo, and of course, it’d have to be flashback or Zombie Jax mode for that to happen. Now that I’ve typed it out, I’d really like to see the undead Jax Teller riding past on his bike with a green screen in tow. However, there’s another popular (but moderately loathsome) SOA character who’s about to ride onto the scene. That’d be Tig, portrayed by the mustache-wielding Kim Coates, who’s coming this season.

This development arrives after speculation, which Coates confirmed on Twitter. “Please forgive me not to get back to the 2.5 million screams and quotes ( ok it wasn’t 2.5 mil but it was a lot :) peace and love,” he wrote. “Bring a seat belt when Trager finally arrives.”

Of course, the first thing that popped into my head was this: if we’re gonna see Tig, then Walton Goggins’ Venus Van Dam could hopefully receive a shoutout. Is it too much to ask for a snippet of actual Goggins, too? My kingdom for that Southern drawl.