The Funniest Moments From ‘Sons Of Anarchy’s Seven Tragedy-Filled Seasons

Save for last season’s best and most exhilarating episode, “Dam,” Kurt Sutter’s Sons of Anarchy has been more twisted than fun over the last couple of years. As the body count piled up along with the blood and grief, that’s understandable. There’s not as much to laugh about.

But lest you forget, back in the day, there was a very different tone to Sons of Anarchy: It was fun and often very funny. The show’s early sense of humor, in fact, is what hooked so many of us: SAMCRO may have been bad-ass murderers and thugs, but they had a good time with it. There was more camaraderie and less backstabbing. There were more jokes and less murders. It’s not necessarily better or worse, but Sons of Anarchy is definitely a different show than it once was.

So, before Kurt Sutter and the gang sign off for one final time tonight, let’s take a quick look back at some of the funniest moments in a series beset with tragedy.

1. In the pilot episode, Bobby is supposed to perform as an Elvis impersonator, but the club promoter double booked an Asian Elvis for the Korean tourists. So, Half Sack beats up the Asian Elvis, who STAYS IN CHARACTER while he takes his pummelling.

2. Remember, before he became the SAMCRO rat, Juice was the simple-minded comic relief on the show, who’d constantly get hazed for doing idiotic things. For instance, here, where he’s discovered by Sheriff Hale. “Get out of here before I slap indecent exposure on you,” Hale says. “Sorry Chief,” Juice says. “I’m not sure what … I gotta go. I’m late for my 8 o’ clock feeding.”

3. Before Gemma was raped, and before Tig was nearly killed by Pope, and before everything went to hell, Tig and Gemma used to have a flirtatious, funny relationship (that actually led to a one-time sexual encounter). Here’s Tig after Gemma pushed him out of the way in the first season episode, “Hell Followed.”

“This is why I beat hookers.”

4. Before he got shot in the neck in the sixth season, Clay delivered maybe the funniest extended sequence of the series. “Can I get an AMEN FOR P*SSY?!”

5. The amazing cameo from Stephen King in season three, “Caregiver,” where he plays a creepy character named Bachman (Ha!) who disposes of bodies (of course, he feels them up first).