The White House Reportedly Didn’t Return Meghan McCain’s Calls When She Offered To Get The Vaccine On ‘The View’

A recent PBS NewsHour/NPR/Marist poll found that 41 percent of Republicans do not plan on getting vaccinated against COVID-19, compared to only four percent of Democrats. Will a right-leaning celebrity — Jon Voight? James Woods? D.J. from Full House? — step up and convince their fellow Americans to get the dang shot to achieve her immunity? Meghan McCain has offered, but the White House isn’t interested.

Politico reports that McCain, the Republican voice (and hair) on The View, “didn’t hear back from the White House after offering to get vaccinated on air alongside her brother Jimmy McCain. She wanted to be in sync with the Biden administration on its vaccination efforts before airing such a segment.” But “she got crickets in response.” Unlike her co-host, Whoopi Goldberg, who had a “private briefing” at the White House to go over talking points. Can you blame them? No matter your political beliefs, who would you rather hear from: Guinan from Star Trek or… whatever is happening here?

McCain “just wanted to help with messaging and encouraging Republicans to get it, and the show wanted it too,” said a View insider. The apparent snub was all the more notable because McCain’s mother, Cindy, is being vetted to be an ambassador for the Biden administration to the U.N. World Food Programme after her endorsement of Joe Biden in the election… Nevertheless, Goldberg was briefed and McCain was not. A White House source said it was due to the fact that McCain was not eligible at the time to be vaccinated, but that was not relayed to McCain.

This report should make Friday’s episode of The View very interesting.

(Via Politico)