Megyn Kelly Can Guess Who Donald Trump Wants To Shoot ‘In The Middle Of Fifth Avenue’

Megyn Kelly stopped by to chat with Stephen Colbert during his post-Super Bowl Late Show Sunday night, where the topic of conversation turned to — what else — Donald Trump’s feud with Fox News. Or more specifically, Donald Trump’s feud with Kelly herself, as she points out that Trump has appeared on the cable news network 140 times in the last year, stating: “We are not feuding with him. But he does have a beef with me.”

Although Kelly takes the high road when Colbert gives her basically a free pass to fully speak her mind on Trump in response to him “not” calling her a bimbo on Twitter, the only thing she wants to know is whether Trump was talking about her when he famously said that he wouldn’t lose a single voter if he shot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue. (Kelly now avoids the street completely.)

Kelly later addressed the next Fox News debate, which Trump claims he is going to attend, somewhat taunting the candidate by telling Colbert that she’s “going to start with ‘apology accepted,’ ” should he actually show up.

One might think Trump would address her remarks on Twitter, but so far it’s been radio silence. He did have some thoughts about Sunday’s big game, however:

(Via Deadline)