Melissa McCarthy Comes Back To ‘SNL’ To Invade Weekend Update For Mother’s Day

Your mom loves you so much and, just listen to me right now; she is so proud of you. Your mother has watched you grow up and blossom into the wonderful person you are today, and she just wants you to know that you didn’t have to get her this for Mother’s Day, seeing her is enough. She also hopes you didn’t spend too much.

Even if you’re Michael Che on Weekend Update, you can’t always get away from your mother. And when she’s a loving (too loving) stepmom played by Melissa McCarthy, shedding her Sean Spicer persona completely, she’s absolutely impossible to get away from. McCarthy plays the ultimate loving mother and even pulls out a few “mom jokes.”

And the best part of a Mom Joke Time – dissecting and explaining the joke, then discussing how great the joke is after with everyone around. She’ll also be inspirational, and will talk about juicy buns. In fact, everyone’s juicy buns. Because she’s your mom and she just wants to be involved as much as she wants to show you a good time so you can go off and have a great time with a full belly. Oh, bless you. She just loves you so much.

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