Michael B. Jordan Gets Shirtless In Amazon’s ‘Alexa’s Body’ Super Bowl Commercial

The objective of every Super Bowl commercial is to stop people from talking, going to the bathroom, or getting another beer during breaks in the game. One effective way of keeping Chiefs and Bucs fans glued to the television is is to have Michael B. Jordan take his shirt off. The Black Panther star, who was named 2020’s Sexiest Man Alive, plays a physical manifestation of Alexa in Amazon’s Super Bowl commercial, “Alexa’s Body.”

Instead of a circular device that definitely isn’t listening to everything you say and sending that data to Jeff Bezos’ underground lair when you’re asleep, Alexa takes the form of Michael B. Jordan. He’ll help you cook, turn on the sprinklers (and get wet in the process), dim the lights, add bath oil to your shopping lists, and assist with all kinds of household tasks. Leaving aside the creepy implications of having your robot butler made flesh and blood, the ad also serves as a promo for Jordan’s new movie, Without Remorse. The thriller, based on author Tom Clancy’s second most famous character John Clark, is about a “Navy SEAL who goes on a path to avenge his wife’s murder only to find himself inside of a larger conspiracy.” But does he get shirtless?

Without Remorse comes out on Amazon Prime Video later this year.