UPROXX 20: Michael Carbonaro Had The Best Meal Of His Life At Taco Bell

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Professional prankster and magician Michael Carbonaro, host of The Carbonaro Effect on truTV, has been pulling the hidden-camera wool over people’s eyes since 2014. Prior to his namesake show, he appeared on TV shows that run the full spectrum, from Happily Divorced to The Newsroom and Grey’s Anatomy, and he’s about to embark upon a heavy tour schedule. Yet despite it all, Carbonaro was kind enough to take a few minutes to participate in our twenty questions questionnaire.

1. You walk into a bar. What do you order from the bartender?
A joke.

2. Who’s your favorite person to follow on Twitter and/or Instagram?
Cats_of_Instagram does take an amount attention away from my work.

3. What’s currently waiting for you on your DVR and/or streaming queue?
Rick and Morty

4. It’s your last meal — what are you going out with?
I’ve always said Shrimp Fra Diavlo, but today I’m thinking Shrimp Parm. Oh look, I’m evolving as an artist.

5. What websites do you visit on a regular basis?
Lately it’s No Fear Shakespeare — I’ve been brushing up on some of the classic tragedies and memorizing speeches for fun. A lot of monologues in the shower.

6. What’s the most frequently played song on your mobile device?
Richard Cheese doing “Creep”

7. If you could go back and give your 18-year-old self one piece of advice what would it be?
To thine own self be true

8. What’s the last thing you Googled?
Lost Boys contact lenses

9. Dogs or cats?

10. Best concert of your life was…?
Roger Waters doing The Wall

11. What book are you most likely to give as a gift?
The Secret Art of Doctor Seuss

12. What’s the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?
Mom and Dad believed in me

13. South Park or Family Guy?
South Park

14. You have an entire day to do whatever you want. What would you do?
Go with my husband to a massive flea market.

15. What movie can you not resist watching if it’s on?

16. The sports team or teams you’re most passionate about?

17. Where did you eat the best meal of your life?
In a car with Mom. It was a take-out burrito from Taco Bell. I know that sounds crazy, but my God that burrito.

18. The last movie you saw in a theater?
Much more interesting is that I just watched Big Trouble in Little China on VHS.

19. Who was your first celebrity crush?
Corey Haim

20. What would you cook if Nic Cage was coming to your house for dinner?
Oh I’d just get some booze and go full on Leaving Las Vegas.


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