Michael Che And Colin Jost Reveal Some Of Their Favorite Rejected ‘SNL’ Sketch Ideas

“Weekend Update” hosts Michael Che and Colin Jost dished with Saturday Night Live alum Seth Meyers about some of their favorite shot down sketch ideas on Tuesday night. It seems pretty obvious why the first one they described — pitched back when Donald Trump hosted a year before the 2016 presidential election — was rejected. Apparently, they wanted to do a “Mexican” Rosetta Stone spoof, except it would only translate phrases like “you’re gonna build the wall.” Given the cast’s general feelings about Trump at the time, this is hardly surprising.

Others sounded arguably funnier than what actually makes it onto the show sometimes, such as “Heroin A.M.,” as in, non-drowsy heroin, for when you “want to take some heroin but also wanna get some stuff done,” which Che pointed out was also just a good idea for a product in general. Che also had a pretty hilarious idea for a sketch about the origin of the phrase “screw the pooch” — which, to be fair — probably saved NBC some FCC complaints by not making it to air.

Che went on to elaborate on some of his more racially charged rejected sketches, including one from when Chris Hemsworth hosted in which the Avengers save the day, “but in the process, Thor accidentally kills an unarmed black teenager.” That one got nixed because Hemsworth didn’t think the idea would necessarily “help with tickets,” unfortunately.