A ‘Mindhunter’ Director Is Begging Fans To ‘Make Enough Noise’ That Netflix Will Bring The Show Back For Season 3

Last week social media got in a tizzy upon learning that David Fincher had some mystery project afoot at Netflix. Many thought he was finally bringing back Mindhunter, the much-liked serial killer show that ended on a cliffhanger in 2019. Instead he was doing Voir, described as a “new documentary series of visual essays celebrating cinema.” That’s cool, too, but it’s no Mindhunter. And though Fincher, who’s an executive producer and occasional director on the show, has long said he was too busy to return to it, one of its directors claims it can be revived, with a little help from fans.

Asif Kapadia, the British filmmaker famous for the documentaries Senna and Amy who directed two of the show’s Season 1 episodes, recently took to Twitter, begging viewers to make their Mindhunter love known. “Audiences around the world need let @netflix know that there is a real interest & demand for Season 3 of @MINDHUNTER_ if you make enough noise, It might actually happen…”

It’s now de rigueur for people to use social media to effect change — or at least get shows or movies they want made. It happened with the “Snyder cut” of Justice League. Maybe it could also happen to a cerebral program in which feds interview murderers like Charles Manson, David Berkowitz, and Ed Kemper, the latter scene-stealingly played by Cameron Britton.

Will this inspire Fincher to take a break from movies about movies like Mank and return once more to one of his most frequented subjects? Maybe. But he was nice enough to release his cast, including Jonathan Groff, Hoyt McCallany, and Anna Torv, so they didn’t have to turn down jobs while waiting for him to get his act together. Even if Fincher decides Season 3 is a go, it still depends on whether they’ve become the ones who are too busy for Mindhunter.

(Via IndieWire)