Miss Minutes Finally Speaks In The New Teaser For Disney+’s ‘Loki’ Series

Disney+ has been slowly pulling back the curtain on its upcoming Marvel series, Loki, and now, fans are finally starting to get some answers about the weird animated clock that’s been showing up in promotional materials. In a new teaser specifically titled “Miss Minutes,” Tom Hiddleston’s Loki receives instructions from the (chipper) cartoon clock as it speaks amid the ominous ambience at the Time Variance Authority. Even the centuries-old Trickster God is freaked out by his predicament as he gets stripped naked and watches as his fellow “inmates” are instantly vaporized for the smallest infraction.

The minute-long teaser also packs a surprising amount of action (and comedy) into the short clip as it provides an even deeper look into the TVA headquarters. That’s where Owen Wilson’s Agent Mobius is hoping to use Loki to fix the timeline, which he ruptured when he stole the Tesseract in Avengers: Endgame and remained on the loose.

Basically, Loki jacked up time, but there are very understandable concerns at the TVA about trusting him to make things right. However, the new teaser further reinforces that Wilson’s Agent Mobius seems to trust the God of Mischief completely and even hands him his trademark knives without reservations, although Loki is relieved of those knives by another TVA agent who knows better than to trust the silver-tongued Asgardian.

Loki premieres Wednesday, June 9 on Disney+.