10 ‘Modern Seinfeld’ Episodes We’d Set Our DVRs For

It’s been months since I’ve been enamored with a parody Twitter account, which by internet standards might as well mean it’s been decades (which, side note, is also why my online persona is so good at long-term relationships), but @SeinfeldToday has come out of nowhere in the last twenty-four hours to make me believe in the power of faking things on Twitter for the sake of comedy again.

The “Modern Seinfeld” parody concept is straightforward and I imagine — since you’re all as intelligent as you are good-looking — you’ve put it together already: made-up Seinfeld episode synopses for the show set in modern times in 140 characters or less. Gold, Jerry! GOLD!

The mind behind the account has been churning out episode ideas at quite a clip and some of the internet stuff is starting to get a bit redundant so I thought I’d organize my ten “must-see” fake episodes so far here. In the world I want to live in Curb’s quasi-reunion show was about George poisoning his girlfriend with gluten.

Source: @SeinfeldToday