Monica Quotes For When You Need To Be Brutally Honest With Your Friends

Features Writer

Monica Geller often gets the short end of the stick on Friends. She isn’t as wry as Chandler or as kooky as Phoebe, but honestly, she is the unsung MVP of the show. Courteney Cox managed to embody a character that is both warm and neurotic, and the fact that Cox was never nominated for an Emmy during her run is a travesty. Still, she was easily the better Geller (no matter who won the Geller Cup) and was the glue that held the group together.

Monica’s journey over the course of the show also felt the most real (save for that apartment, I mean, come on!). She was a little unsure of herself and had to go through some serious rough patches in love and her career before she settled down with Chandler and found success as a chef. Still, no matter what came her way, Monica was endlessly optimistic, and underneath all of that optimism was a desire to have things just so. Because how can there be joy without order? Amirite? Monica wasn’t afraid to do things her way, because she was always right. Trust her. Always right. That confidence that she was right led to a lot of brutally honest moments over the course of ten seasons. So, as you navigate your own life, remember that sometimes you have to lay down the law and tell the hard truth. You might crack some eggs along the way, but if those wimps can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen.

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