Ted Danson Becomes The Mayor Of Los Angeles In Tina Fey’s ‘Mr. Mayor’ Trailer

Ever since The Good Place ended earlier this year (which seems impossible; I could have sworn the finale aired three years ago), the number of live-action network sitcoms I watch is now… when does Brooklyn Nine-Nine come back? But I am genuinely excited about Mr. Mayor, a new NBC comedy from 30 Rock and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt‘s Tina Fey and Robert Carlock and starring Ted Danson. It’ll be nice to evil laugh again.

Mr. Mayor “follows a retired businessman (Ted Danson) who runs for mayor of Los Angeles to prove ‘he’s still got it.’ Once he wins, he has to figure out what he stands for, gain the respect of his biggest critic and connect with his teenage daughter, all while trying to get anything right for America’s second weirdest city,” according to NBC. The show has a stacked cast — outside of 18-time Emmy nominee Danson, there’s also Holly Hunter, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s Vella Lovell, and Ass Dan himself, Bobby Moynihan.

The last thing the world needs is a show about politics, let alone a comedy. And yet! Maybe this will be a Succession situation where the quality of the acting and writing trumps (poor word choice) the nightmare-sounding premise. Mr. Mayor looks light and goofy and fun, and anything with Danson, Fey, Carlock, and Moynihan deserves a shot.

Mr. Mayor premieres on NBC on January 7.