‘Mythbusters’ Is Coming Back… On A Different Channel… With Different Hosts

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Mythbusters was a long-running Discovery Channel series hosted by lovable, mismatched builders named Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman who liked to blow junk up. It just ended its 14-season run earlier this month. This raises a few interesting questions that were apparently asked by someone:

  • What if it came back?
  • What if it came back on a different channel?
  • What if it came back on a different channel with new hosts?

Yup, the Science Channel — sister network of Discovery — has plans to revive the series already. And it has plans to find its new hosts, too. And if you’re sitting there right now saying, “I bet they’re doing a reality show,” then buddy, hop a train to Hollywood, because you have television in 2016 figured out.

The competition will start with 15 participants who look to solve challenges that include classic myths from the show as well as new myths. Hopefuls will be eliminated on each episode by a panel of judges — consisting of those who have been involved with MythBusters at some point over the years — until the final picks are made. [Science Channel general manager Marc] Etkind says it could be one person or several people, depending on what happens.

On one hand, this is probably as good of an idea as any, if they’re dead-set on doing this. On the other hand, a reality competition to find a new host is also the Guy Fieri Food Network origin story. Who knows, maybe they’ll just throw their hands up and let Guy Fieri host this, too. First episode: Locate this mythical “Flavortown.”

The greatest mystery of our time.

(Via THR)

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