This Supercut Of ‘Mythbusters’ Blowing Stuff Up Will Bring A Tear To Your Eye

03.09.16 2 years ago

After 15 seasons and 248 episodes, the Mythbusters have ended their show to move on to greener pastures. How them pastures can get any greener is unclear right now, but if anyone can find some it’s Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman. Sadly, this leaves the Discovery Channel with one less legitimately educational program, which is an issue as the network continues to slide the way of The Learning Channel.

But let’s not get too wrapped up in the TV landscape Mythbusters leaves behind. Let’s celebrate all the great times the show gave us. And for that, we have a great supercut by fan Thomas Crenshaw of Adam, Jamie, Kari, Grant and Tory blowing stuff up to Blur’s “Song 2,” which is the perfect music to listen to as things are exploding.

It would be interesting to know what the count is for cars destroyed on Mythbusters. It seems like a week didn’t go by where they weren’t dropping a vehicle or driving it head on into (or through) a wall. What’s really amazing is their track record on safety.

“I was sure we were gonna have a car accident one day,” Adam Savage told Popular Mechanics. “Press on the gas and it turns out you’re in reverse and you run over a cameraman or a $100,000 high-speed camera. That’s the dumbest accident there could be. And yet it’s probably the one we were most in danger of having if you look at actuarial scales.”

“Jamie is fond of saying ‘At a certain point you feel like your number’s up’ when you do sh*t as dangerous as what we do,” Savage continued. “I am so grateful that our number never came up. We have five broken fingers, about 30 or 40 stitches, and one loose cannonball that caused no injuries to our name, and we’re both quite proud of that.”

(via Reddit)

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