‘Naked And Afraid’ Star Explains How She Caught Fish With Her ‘Private Parts’

In my recap of last night’s SNL, I neglected to reference one very important detail: Weekend Update’s mention of Naked and Afraid, which is apparently a real thing and now that Seth Meyers has brought it to my attention, I suddenly like him a lot more. Naked is an upcoming Discovery Channel reality show about “naked men and women stranded together in remote locations who must also use their wits and bodies to survive,” including, in the premiere, the Serengeti plains. So, Burning Man, but with more warthogs. And vagina fish, apparently.

[Star Kellie] Nightlinger said she had been starving after spending two weeks in the wild when she devised an innovative way to catch fish using her private parts as bait and then trapping her meal between her legs.

‘We needed something with protein and because the water was so muddy, traditional fishing methods wouldn’t work, so I had to improvise, adapt and overcome,’ said Nightlinger. (Via)

I have a feeling most reactions to Naked and Afraid will involve batin’.

(Via Daily Mail) (Via ONTD)