TV Guide Is ‘Pretty Sure’ They Know Who Negan Kills On ‘The Walking Dead’

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07.13.16 12 Comments


Hardly a week goes by without someone marshaling up some evidence of a character that has been killed by Negan on The Walking Dead. Most of these theories start on The Spoiling Dead, which AMC actually threatened to sue last month for revealing spoilers. The site caved (because it would lose, and rightfully so) and they have agreed to no longer speculate about who Negan will kill. However, the site is allowed to present evidence of what’s going on behind the scenes and let others draw their own conclusions.

Up until now, information from The Spoiling Dead has supplemented several theories, but what’s interesting is that it’s not all the same victim. There are theories that Daryl dies. A flimsy one that Michonne dies. A fun theory suggesting that it is Aaron. A dumb theory suggests it is Abraham. It could have been Rosita. It could’ve been Eugene. Obviously, Glenn is a popular choice, as well (although one of the reasons it might be Glenn is total BS). Some have even speculated that more than one character dies.

The latest comes from TV Guide, which is “pretty sure” they know who Negan killed. Their theory is that it is Maggie. Why? For the same reasons that some speculated that it might be Glenn: Because Lauren Cohan has posted recent pictures of herself on social media that shows she’s not on The Walking Dead set. Like this one:

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