Randall Park Will Star In A New Netflix Series About The Last Blockbuster, Which Is At Least A Little Awkward, Right?

At one point, there were more than 9,000 Blockbuster Video stores across the globe. There’s now only one. “The Last Blockbuster” is located in Bend, Oregon, and it runs on internet-less computers and employees still use hand-written membership cards. The reason “The Last Blockbuster” is, well, the last Blockbuster is due to numerous factors, including bad decisions from those in charge (that’s usually the case). But it’s also because of Netflix popularizing renting DVDs through the mail and also forever changing the entertainment industry with streaming, which decimated physical media.

So, it’s kind of cruel and kind of hilarious that Netflix is making a show about Blockbuster.

Created by Vanessa Ramos (Brooklyn Nine-Nine), “the single-cam series is described as an ensemble comedy that takes place in the last Blockbuster Video in America. It explores what it takes – and more specifically who it takes – for a small business to succeed against all odds,” according to Variety. The always great Randall Park will star, while Happy Endings creator David Caspe and Kenan creator and Superstore writer Jackie Clarke are attached as writers and executive producers.

“To say getting to make a show about a place I love, with my friends Jackie and David, and Randall Park as our star is a dream come true, somehow feels like an understatement,” Ramos said. “I could not be more grateful to [the] whole team at Netflix for being on board with so many weird jokes.”

In other news, Facebook is making a movie about MySpace.

(Via Variety)