Chris Rock’s Live Netflix Special Will Feature A Star-Studded Pre-Show And Post-Show For All Of Your Comedic Needs

Netflix has been experimenting lately by adding live content to the mix. First, the streamer hosted the SAG awards this week, which went out live on YouTube. Next up, it will host its first-ever live global streaming event for Chris Rock’s latest comedy special. Chris Rock: Selective Outrage will air live on March 4th, along with two other pre and post-show specials (they must really want this to work out). Who knows what they will dream up next? Squid Game live?! Hopefully not.

The first pre-show will be aptly titled The Show Before The Show and feature clips from the comedian’s famous friends, like Jerry Seinfeld and Amy Schumer, who is hopefully not traumatized anymore. The pre-show will be hosted by The Daily Show’s Ronny Cheing and is set to include Arsenio Hall, Deon Cole, and Leslie Jones.

Then Rock’s special will begin streaming live from Baltimore, Maryland at 10 pm ET. at What could Rock possibly talk about? There are a few things he could touch on, though we all know how dangerous it can be to give someone all that free live air time, so who knows what will happen.

After Rock’s set, David Spade and Dana Carvey will host The Show After The Show, featuring even more guests, including JB Smooth and noted pop culture scholar Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Finally, if none of that seems like a way to spend your Saturday night, you can always stream that movie where Jennifer Coolidge is a psychic medium, which is also on Netflix. It’s nice to have options!

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)