Fox Is Spinning Off ’24’ With A New Leading Man

Fox announced the development of a new 24 limited-run series, but there will be a new hothead this time with an infinite bladder trying to beat the clock. That’s right, no more Jack Bauer Power Hour. Kiefer Sutherland will step aside and hand his ever-ready torture-filled skill set to a new, younger male lead working with a new, older female lead. That means Chloe O’Brian unfortunately will not be the new Jack Bauer.

We heard about a new 24 series a couple of weeks ago, but there were few details to go on. But 24 executive producer Howard Gordon spilled some news at the Critics’ Choice Awards last night, probably because someone shot his loved one in the kneecaps. The new lead is being described as another “antihero” much like Bauer, who may make occasional appearances. Yvonne Strahovski may also return as Kate Morgan, but she won’t be the “older, more seasoned female agent.” Both lead roles, as well as any further details about the location and story, have yet to be announced. However, while this will start as a limited-run series like 24: Live Another Day, there is a solid chance it will be picked up as a regular series. 24 might once again be a 24-hour ordeal-a-thon!

As long as we hear at least one gravelly “We’re running out of time, dammit” from Sutherland, this could still be great.

(via TVLine)