‘Hello, Newman’: Reflecting On The Beautiful Mind Of Jerry Seinfeld’s Bitter Rival

08.10.15 3 years ago 4 Comments


A Superman fan, is it any wonder that Jerry Seinfeld gave himself a comic book rival in the form of Newman?

A postal worker by day (weather permitting) and a scheming problem solver at night, Seinfeld’s devious neighbour always seemed to find a way to evade true consequences whether he was misusing Post Office resources or abducting pets. In short, Newman was both detestable and inspired, so with that in mind, here are some of his best moments.

The Plight Of The Mail Man

The mail never stops. It just keeps piling up, especially on Publisher’s Clearing House day. This scene is a window into Newman’s mind. Which is good, because every comic book villain needs an origin story.

Now we know why he’s always trying to get under Jerry’s skin; his job is driving him mad, and he has to take that rage out on somebody.

Also, apparently every time you agree to paperless billing, a Mail Man gets a little happier.

Interrogating Jerry

It was a great day for Newman when he managed to successfully bust Jerry on a case of mail fraud. The punishment for this was merely a small fine, but that was irrelevant to Newman. The fact that he was able to humiliate Jerry in some way was satisfaction enough.

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