Nick Kroll Pooped His Pants

12.01.11 13 Comments

Last night on “Conan,” Nick Kroll (Ruxin on “The League,” and my favorite “Reno 911” character, El Chupacabra) appeared and told a delightfully horrifying story about pooping his pants. In doing so, he acted out many of the noteworthy beats and playfully interacted with Conan’s mock disgust. It was both a true joy and something anyone who has ever had the frightening realization that they make not make it to the powder room in time can relate to. Now, I’m usually not a huge fan of poop stories (a combination of me being a stupid snob and having a very weak stomach when it comes to gross things), but something about this cracked me up. Maybe it was Kroll’s glee in telling it, maybe it was Conan’s utter contempt breaking down and turning into giggling, maybe it was the part when Kroll made the above face, or maybe, just maybe, I’m secretly 9 years old. We can’t rule any of it out.

In conclusion, two thoughts:

1) It takes a lot of guts to go on TV and tell a story about pooping your pants. Kudos.

2) Speaking of loads of crap, how bout that [insert critically panned show here]? AMIRITE OR AMIRITE YOUSE GUYS QUESTION MARK LOL.

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