‘The Nightly Show’ And Larry Wilmore Ask, ‘If All Lives Matter, Shouldn’t Alton Sterling’s?’

Since it premiered last year, The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore has low-key been a great source for commentary and comedy (and 2 Chainz) given the hole left by Jon Stewart’s departure from The Daily Show. And his take on the senseless and indefensible shooting of Alton Sterling lives up to the reputation he has built.

Wilmore is incredulous when confronted with the story of the body cameras that conveniently fell off the two officers before the incident.

“Fell off?” he said. “Things don’t just fall off unless we’re talking about Sisqo and the face of the f*cking Earth.”

He also dismisses the defense that Alton Sterling had a criminal record by noting that Martha Stewart has a criminal record as well. Wilmore closes the segment by taking a torch to the favored shutdown tactic surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement, namely saying that “All lives matter.” The counterpoint — which most ALM-spouters are too dense to see actually shores up the cause of BLM — gets completely called out for the hypocritical BS that it is.

“If you really believe in ‘All Lives Matter’, then you should be out there protesting, right? Alton Sterling was a life, the loss of which should upset you,” he said, before cutting to various shots of empty streets that he called “All Lives Matter” protests.

The whole segment is worth a watch. Check it out up top.