Nine Inch Nails Performed On Network TV For The First Time Ever Last Night

I’m not sure who allowed this to happen, but until last night, Nine Inch Nails had never performed on network television. The obvious answer is, “Trent Reznor didn’t need or want to, f*ck you,” but I’m instead choosing to believe that the heads of the Big Four came together one dark and stormy night, listened to the first twenty seconds of “Sanctified,” and went, “NOPE, we’ll let the likes of Dance Party USA have these young hooligans.”

And so it was, until November 7, 2013, when NIN played “All Time Low” on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Kimmel must have figured his time was running short anyway, what with Kanye, all Chinese people, and babies all wanting him dead, so he had nothing by breaking the No Inch Nails Doctrine.