Let’s Just Watch A Bunch Of The Best Norm Macdonald Clips And Laugh Through The Tears For A While

On Tuesday afternoon, word broke that beloved comedian Norm Macdonald passed away after privately having cancer for the better part of a decade. (Notice how we didn’t say “battle with cancer.” Norm hated that phrase.) As the world continues to react to the loss of the former Saturday Night Live star, stand-up comedian, and pretty much the all-time greatest late night guest, we cobbled together as many of Macdonald’s best moments as we could from his almost thirty-year career.

Below you’ll find an assortment of clips like “Celebrity Jeopardy,” “Weekend Update,” Macdonald’s hilarious appearances on Conan and Letterman, his penchant for making so many O.J. Simpson jokes that it cost him his SNL job (true story), his killer knack at hosting sports awards shows like the ESPYs, and the time he started a running gag of dunking on Courtney Thorne-Smith for starring in the Carrot Top vehicle, Chairman of the Board.

Even with this mammoth trove of clips, there’s probably an awesome Macdonald moment that we missed because the guy was an absolute genius at firing off deadpan zingers. You never saw them coming until you were already laughing. That’s what made him such a beloved comedy fixture whose presence is already being missed.

And here are some YouTube clips that probably would’ve looked weird mixed in with all the Twitter embeds above. We want to keep things classy. For Norm.