A ‘Northern Exposure’ Reboot Might Be Coming To CBS

Northern Exposure, you know, the 1992 Emmy winner for Best Drama, might be coming to an HD television near you. But this isn’t some fancy Blu-Ray box set, this is yet another full-blown reboot of a 90s classic.

The show, which ran from 1990-1995 on CBS, might get a second wind on the very same network. The quirky comedy/drama went for 110 episodes in the 90s and won a number of awards. Despite that success, it was still considered by many to be a cult favorite of the era and a revival was long rumored. And according to a Deadline report on Tuesday, a Northern Exposure might actually be happening.

A long-talked-about revival of CBS’ cult fave drama series Northern Exposure is moving forward. The project has been put in development at CBS with original series star Rob Morrow set to reprise his role and executive produce. It hails from original series co-creators Josh Brand and John Falsey, actor John Corbett, Morrow, Ben Silverman and Universal TV.

Morrow back as Dr. Fleischman would be a huge boon for fans of the original series, and according to Deadline the show does have a direction in mind. Namely, a funeral.

Written by Brand, the revival centers on Dr. Joel Fleischman, played by Morrow, who returns to Cicely, Alaska, for the funeral of an old friend and finds a new set of quirky characters and reunites with old ones in this continuation of the classic series.

Northern Exposure could join an ever-growing list of reboots of shows that ran their course but are recognizable enough to stir nostalgia to the point of potential profit. It could join Murphy Brown at CBS, and ABC’s Roseanne, which has now even been rebranded as The Conners.