Jimmy Kimmel Asks People If They Prefer Obamacare Or The Affordable Care Act With Predictable Results

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01.18.17 2 Comments

As he is wont to do, back in October of 2013 Jimmy Kimmel sent a team out on the street to ask people to choose between Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act, which of course you and I and anyone of reasonable intelligence know are the same thing. And as usual, it didn’t stop people from making asses of themselves as they passionately declared why they like one thing verses the other thing, that again — are the same damn thing.

Three years later, as the fate of the Affordable Care Act hangs in the balance and the subject is more of a hot button issue than ever, Kimmel decided to revisit the topic and once again, asked people on the street which form of healthcare they preferred. And once again — to the surprise of absolutely no one who saw that viral Facebook post floating around last week — people still don’t know that they’re the same. But hey, at least we know that there are people on both sides of the political aisle who are clueless.

Props to the last guy anyway, who didn’t know but really didn’t give a damn either way. If there’s one question we can all be asking ourselves come Friday, hopefully it will be, “How stoned are you right now?”

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