There Is Now An Official Hodor Door Stop On The Way

HBO has never been shy to capitalize when it comes to Game of Thrones merchandise. Their official online shop has several hundred products on it, from pint glasses to socks to t-shirts emblazoned with every house and catchphrase from the show. What it currently lacks, though, is an official Hodor doorstop.

We’ve seen a couple of theoretical designs and even some neat 3D printed versions, but Tony Wang has put together the definitive Hodor Hodoor Holdor. It goes past just being witty (“Hodor held the door and so will this!”) and actually captures the moment where Hodor sacrificed all to hold the door and save his friends from the undead behind it.

Wang’s vision for the perfect 6 inch Hodor door stop has already raised $50,000 on Kickstarter, and he’s currently in the process of applying for licensing right from HBO. As we mentioned before, the company has slapped the Game of Thrones license on a lot of things thus far, so why not this door stop?

I know I’d buy it … it would go along nicely with my dragon egg bookends and Unsullied helmet. Until I have this Hodor memorabilia in my possession, I’ll just have to rely on my trusty Arakh to keep me safe from whatever’s on the other side of that door.