Oh Sh*t: Norman Reedus From ‘The Walking Dead’ Is Selling His Atlanta-Area Home

Yesterday, in predicting who might die in this weekend’s The Walking Dead season finale, I noted that the show’s history suggests that the chances of a major character death in a season finale are slim, notwithstanding producer Gale Anne Heard’s warnings of “sad losses” to come. (“Sad losses,” says to me minor characters; “devastating losses,” would say to me major characters).

Despite that, it’s hard to ignore some of the potential warning signs that Daryl Dixon could bite the dust in the finale. There’s the Daryl Dixon problem we’ve talked about; there’s the fact that he’s an announced guest on The Talking Dead (which could be AMC’s way of messing with our heads); and there’s Norman Reedus’ own suggestion that we should “bring [our] Kleenex, and you’ll be screaming at your television.”

Here’s one more warning sign, just two days before the finale airs: He’s selling his home outside of Atlanta, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

Curbed Atlanta, which is a great local real estate site, says Norman Reedus, who plays the insanely popular cross-bow using zombie killer Daryl Dixon on “The Walking Dead,” said he is selling his pad in Serenbe … Cable’s most popular show, which airs the season five finale this Sunday, is not returning for production for season six for a few more weeks. Based on the photos from this real estate site, he is already long gone.

Before you get too concerned, the newspaper noted that he may simply be moving to a more private area, as some Atlanta-area residents have figured out where he lives and have been grabbing photos with him in the area. He’d apparently lived there for three years before fans figured it out. It makes total sense that he’d want some privacy: As the most popular (and fan friendly) actor on the show, he’s probably hounded a lot.

Of course, the timing is disconcerting, plus the fact that he’s suddenly a hot commodity in feature films: He has a film coming out with Aaron Paul and Kate Winslet; one with Djimon Hounsou; and another one with Lena Dunham and Joshua Jackson.

It’s certainly some cause for concern (it’s terrifying, to be honest). On the other hand, if you’re looking for a nice house outside of Atlanta and have $585,000 lying around, you can buy Norman Reedus’ old home!

(Source: AJC)