04.15.09 10 years ago 6 Comments

Old Jews Telling Jokes is a web site that, um… help me out here.  I think it has something to do with Jews.  And the Jews are old.  And they do or say something funny, I’m not sure exactly.  And now instead of watching it on a computer for free, you may have the option of paying money for it on DVD.

First Run Features has picked up domestic home video rights to “Old Jews Telling Jokes,” a Web video series created and directed by Sam Hoffman from Jetpack Media, the Internet production company created by GreeneStreet Films…

The home video version of the series will include all 28 episodes shown online, plus five exclusive videos that will only be available on home video.

Golly, what a deal.  Fifteen percent new material.  But to be fair, I do like the video series.  Old people can be quite charming when you can’t smell them.

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