Amazon Canceled Tig Notaro’s ‘One Mississippi’ And A Slew Of Other Shows


As The Hollywood Reporter puts it, the Roy Price-less Amazon Studios is “cleaning house” now that its extremely expensive The Lord of the Rings venture is taking hold. How? By announcing the sudden cancelation of comedian Tig Notaro’s critically-acclaimed series One Mississippi, along with fellow comedy shows I Love Dick and Jean-Claude Van Johnson. THR didn’t offer an explicit reason for Amazon’s sudden decision, but seeing as how the studio is currently being lead by interim head Albert Cheng while the search for Price’s replacement continues, the executive shuffle seems a likely culprit.

By that same token, viewership might also be to blame, but since Amazon and other streaming services like Netflix refuse to release their internal viewing numbers, it’s impossible to tell. Yet comedy clearly isn’t on the way out at the studio, as the fantastic The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel recently scored two Golden Globe awards. What’s more, the platform’s rebooted version of The Tick garnered a second season renewal. So what gives? I Love Dick and Jean-Claude Van Johnson were hit or miss for those who watched them, but One Mississippi — especially considering Notaro’s comments on Louis C.K. — was definitely a favorite.

Hence why so many critics and lay viewers took to Twitter to lament the show’s demise and Amazon’s decision to kill it.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)